App Font License Agreement

The Terms of this End User License Agreement (Agreement) will apply between Workhorse Type Foundry (WTF) and You (You, Your, Yours) if You purchase a license or licenses to use WTF’s Font Software (App Fonts).

When You purchase an App Font, You are purchasing the right to use that Font under a particular set of conditions. These conditions range from, for example, how many applications the Font can be used in and on what operating systems. It is important to read and understand this Agreement because it defines Your rights, the acceptable uses of WTF’s App Fonts, and the rights WTF reserves. If You believe Your usage or need is not addressed, or if You are unsure of the meaning of any term or condition, please ask WTF before making a purchase.

WTF agrees to grant You a license or licenses to use the Fonts on the terms of this Agreement and provided that You comply with these terms, in perpetuity.

This license is not exclusive to You, may not be transferred by You, and can be revoked by WTF as provided by in this Agreement.. The license granted to You in this Agreement relates only to a single Application, as specified on Your Sales Receipt. You may not supply the App Fonts to any other person, entity, organization or client without the express permission of WTF.

If You are a parent company purchasing the Fonts for a wholly or partly owned subsidiary, You must ensure Your subsidiary complies with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any breach of this Agreement by Your subsidiary will be deemed a breach by You. If You are a subsidiary of a parent company, this license does not allow transfer of this license to Your parent company, Your parent company must purchase an independent license to use the Fonts.